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Facebook, fake news and reputation: Why Adam Mosseri is right

Facebook’s Adam Mosseri blogs that it’s launching a campaign to educate its users about how to spot fake news in response to mounting pressure.

Incredulous critics are continuing to press for an algorithmic clampdown on fake news.

To be fair, Facebook is also taking…Read More »

Bupa’s new Medical Director and Diabetes UK chief: NHS insights for health communicators

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations is not usually mistaken for the floor of the Houses of Parliament.

But you could have been forgiven for thinking so on Monday 19 November when Labour peer and former head of the Care Quality…Read More »

How the BBC turned a crisis into a Greek tragedy

The BBC is in danger of imploding in a Greek tragedy of its own making. And Rupert Murdoch is watching, carefully.

Not because the BBC can’t get enough tax-payers’ cash through the anachronistic licence fee to fund good programming.

And not because…Read More »